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The Biden Fa㏕y Is The Klan Fa㏕y … And Jœ Is The Imperial Wizard’: ᇉo Terreᄔ Ri㎰ Bide㎱ Over Hunter’s Alᇉged Use Of N-Word

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“I will tell you right now with all the facts you have shown on this program about [President] Joe Biden and you look at what Hunter Biden says, the Biden family is the Klan family. It’s the Klan,” Terrell said, regarding Hunter’s alleged use of the N-word in newly released text messages obtained by the Daily Mail.


Civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell ripped Hunter Biden for his alleged use of the N-word   while speaking on Hannity, saying “the Biden family is the Klan family.” He also argued there’s likely to be little outrage from Democrats over the reports.

“And Joe is the imperial wizard.

Silent on #RacistHunter Biden texts: – #BlackLivesMatter –@TheRevAl










Lets go back in time, I mentioned this yesterday, here is Hillary that all black people look alike


Who are the real racists

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