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Is the corporation of America dissolved? New ‘States of America’?

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Most of us understand How America became a Corporation.



It was necessary to have the democrats elect themselves to office of their USA Inc.

President Trump has divested himself.

There is no more USA Inc. It has no power.

United States Corporation Dissolved – New ‘States of America’ formed

  1. The 1871 “United States of America” corporation is dissolved.
  2. Donald Trump and others signed a new American Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2020.
  3. US Military knows the true 2020 election results of all legitimate votes cast before foreign interference altered the results.
  4. Donald Trump is the first President of the States of America, a new nation declared on July 4, 2020.
  5. Joe Biden‘s inauguration is irrelevant since the office he assumes to take on January 20th no longer exists.
  6. Welcome to a new world and a new nation… the united “States of America,” born July 4, 2020.

States of America

Welcome! To the New Constitutional Republic of America and her first President – the same as the last President of the previous, failed – due to TREASON – constitutional Republic – but in THIS one, the Constitution IS the Supreme LAW OF THE LAND and Donald J. Trump is her first President!

Here is something interesting we found while surfing around the net. This is from a site called Cosmic News (link is below) – the webpage contains only two photos. We have typed out the text.

Is the corporation of America dissolved? New ‘States of America’?

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